Windows 9 may be coming within the next year, Windows 8 has seen an expansion pack, which itself is set to receive a refresh in just over a month, but Microsoft’s modern platform still has its detractors.

Sure the criticism is not as intense as was in the first few months of release, but some people are still disappointed with the changes (or lack thereof) introduced in the vanilla Windows 8. Or Microsoft’s modern platform in general, for that matter.

And one such expert is Gavin Whatrup, the group IT director at Creston.

In a recent interview, the executive shared his opinion that despite all what Redmond has done to position and promote the key features of its new operating system, there is no strong reason, no compelling case to upgrade to Windows 8.

“Windows 8 is a different beast without a compelling reason, or resources, to move to it.

There is no, or little value to the majority of businesses in deploying Windows 8 Pro, unless they need to be seen to be using the latest technology all the time. Or unless they need to utilise some of the more advanced features of Windows Server 2012 or other server products in the same wave.”

This is obviously not the first time people have talked about Windows 8 in such fashion, but there is probably some truth in it, otherwise the market share figures would have been quite different by now.

Still, Microsoft is keen on refining the platform, and it may take a little extra while for this modern brand of Windows to really take off. The stars should align in the next season or two.

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  1. For business, they should upgrade to the version they feel most comfortable is. But it doesn’t hurt to consider upgrade to win8 if it is time to do so. Even if win9 comes out next year, business is not supposed to upgrade not until 1-2 years later. At that time, win10 will come out soon. Then should they wait for win10 instead?

  2. Experts generally tend to have some hidden bias. That being said, it depends on the business. Too often when we talk about Windows 8, we paint all businesses with a broad brush. There are a thousand different type of businesses, just like there are a thousand different types of people. A lot of groups are still on an OS that is about to be retired, that is a compelling enough reason. Of course if you just transitioned to Windows 7, it makes little sense to make a change after you just made one. And you can’t use market share numbers to justify what people should be doing because people rarely do what they should be doing. Most of these groups should have gotten off XP or at least older software and hardware that can’t be upgraded a long time aog, but they haven’t. But still not every business is the same, and the way it’s users use a computer are not the same. But it’s funny I never see any of these experts talk about how there is no compelling reason to constantly replace your smart phone or tablet with the latest edition.

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