Computex 2012 – MSI introduce the Slider S20 convertible Windows 8 ultrabook

MSI introduced a new device at Computex 2012 — the Slider S20, a “convertible ultrabook” with a hardware keyboard that slides out from under the screen.

The screen is 11.6 inches across, and there’s an Ivy Bridge processor inside, putting this more on the laptop side of the Windows 8 divide.

MSI say we should be seeing a release in the third quarter of this year.


Images below…

  • guest

    What advantage 

  • guest

    * What advantage do Sliders have over transformer style hybrids? Why would I want to carry the keyboard part around with me when I’m not using it?

  • James White

    For faster typing I would think. These devices are not really meant for just playing media and games. If thats what you plan on using it for than, this is probably not for you. I know I can get more work done with a traditional keyboard than as a on screen key board. I also like that face that it is built in stand. I see this being great for if you doing school work / buisness use / and some media. Also, it still being compact like a tablet.