Microsoft has just confirmed that the full version of Windows 8.1, its upcoming operating system, would be sent to OEMs in August, indicating that the new OS would be available for end users later this year.

Insider sources had previously indicated that the software titan was eyeing either August or September for its upcoming operating system to hit RTM status.

Redmond, however, was mum on the dates both when it officially unveiled Windows 8.1 and at the recently concluded 2013 edition of the BUILD developer conference in San Francisco.

And now, without providing any information on the launch date, Microsoft’s Chief Financial Officer, Tami Reller has said during the WPC (Worldwide Partner Conference) that Windows 8.1 is set to go live six weeks after it reaches RTM status.

In other words, the full version of the operating system should be here in time for the holiday season.

The software titan refused to comment on previous rumors that claimed Windows 8.1 is projected to see daylight on October. But considering how things are shaping up, it stands to reason that Microsoft would stick to its traditional release cycle when it comes to Windows — that is, an October release.

Nevertheless, Reller did reiterate the promise that Windows 8.1 would lead to a new wave of devices powered by the operating system in a number of form factors, including tablets and hybrids.

These new computers would be specifically designed to make the most of the operating system and the great touch support it offers.

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