Equipos’ leading client reporting solution is now available for Microsoft Windows Azure.

The hosted version of the Coric Communication Suite offers the same functionality as the one delivered to clients on premises. The multiple award-winning client reporting software allows businesses to design, built and modify client reports without the need of technical assistance.

Reports are then delivered to clients using their channel of choice — print, online or mobile.

Damian Bryan, Chief Architect over at Equipos noted:

“This new Azure hosting option is proving very popular with clients in today’s market, which is characterized by clients of all sizes looking for reporting solutions with infinite scalability and flexible, cost-effective pricing.

By hosting Coric in a Microsoft Windows Azure environment clients benefit from secure, highly-available, infinitely-scalable client communications and reporting solutions. Azure enables clients to quickly build, deploy and manage Coric solutions across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.”

And Ross Brown, the Vice President of ISV and Solutions Partners for the Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft had this to say:

“Our ISV community is alive with innovation, and we’re committed to helping our partners drive the next generation of software experiences. Adding compatibility for the latest Microsoft technologies helps ISVs to stay ahead of the competition and give their customers access to cutting-edge technologies.”

You can find out more about Coric over at the official website of Equipos.

2012 has overall been an excellent year for Windows Azure, with the platform now building up solid momentum. It has overtaken all other cloud ventures (save for Amazon), and this regular addition of business solutions only bodes well for its future.

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