Cortana gets new features by the dozens every year. At least that’s the plan for Microsoft, with regular new additions every couple of weeks or so to its digital voice assistant.

The latest ones that have quietly been implemented are going to please a lot of users.

Windows Phone users that have access to Cortana on their devices can now ask the personal assistant to flip a coin or roll some dice with a voice command. As spotted here, Cortana now supports the following new voice commands:

  • “Roll a dice” to roll just one dice
  • “Roll the dice” to roll two dice
  • “Flip a coin” for the obvious action

Apparently, these new features are only available to users in the United States, but UK users are going to get access to these new voice commands very soon.

Sure, this kind of an update is more focused on entertainment, rather than productivity, but good to see Microsoft giving this side some due attention too. More so, as Cortana is expected to become a cornerstone feature of the upcoming Windows 10 operating platform.

Hopefully, international users also get in on some Cortana action by the time the next version of Windows Phone makes its debut.

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