Cortana For Windows 8.1 Confirmed By Microsoft Employee

The world may be full of puzzles, but the fact that Cortana, Microsoft’s shiny new digital voice assistant is destined for arrival on Windows is no longer a mystery.

We have had several signs that the service will be part of the desktop operating system.

And now a company employee has confirmed it, saying that Cortana for desktop is in the works right now, with a planned release for Windows 8.1 and newer versions of the operating system.

This is the post by a Redmond employee by the name of Talderon:

“For the record, Cortana WILL BE coming to other platforms, for ALL PC’s and Tablets, you will need to be on Windows 8.1 or higher (PC versions and RT) as well as Xbox One.”

Windows 8.1 or higher is the interesting bit here — probably denoting that Microsoft has recently started work on porting Cortana to the desktop. It might also be an indication that the service will only be released when a new version of Windows is out.

Which is, of course, Windows 9, said by many to being readied for an April 2015 launch.

In any case, we await official confirmation from the company on this matter, which judging by the look of things might only arrive closer to the end of this year.

  • Ray C