Cortana Gets A Brand New Feature, Local Events

Microsoft have performed another server side update, and users of Cortana, the digital voice assistant, now gets access to another handy new feature, Local Events.

This follows the last update a week ago that brought along Stock Prices and Charts.

Owners of Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones will now see this new feature available when they launch Cortana on their devices. Events is listed under Interests — user preferences that Cortana stores in her notebook with options like weather, travel, sports, finance and more.

What this new feature does is rather self-explanatory.

As this report notes, once this option is enabled, Cortana will start suggesting local happenings and events that might interest you. Another step towards making personal digital assistant, more personal.

In fact, it shows just how keen Redmond is on adding new features to the service.

Cortana has, in these past couple of months received a number of such updates, and several more refreshes are promised in order to further enhance the user experience.

  • Emily Williams

    Awesome! Cortana continues to make me more and more interested with every new piece of news about it. I love the way this is shaping up! 🙂