Cortana Launch In The Netherlands Expected Soon

Microsoft’s personal digital assistant, Cortana, is currently available to users of Windows Phone 8.1, but it appears that an official launch in the Netherlands is set to take place soon.

Speaking in official terms, the feature is only available to users in the United States as of now, even though the company has said that it is working on launching it in other markets like the UK and China in the near future.

But it seems that the Netherlands is not far away in this list.

This tweet from Microsoft Netherlands suggest that Cortana could make its next stop in the country, however, specific details on when the feature might launch have not been provided. We might have to wait for a couple of months to maybe even the end of the year for more information.

One also has to take into account that Windows Phone 8.1 is yet to begin its official rollout.

And although Cortana is only available to users of the developer preview version of the mobile operating system, a few simple tricks allow pretty much everyone to get Cortana, even if they are from other regions of the world.

  • Ray C

    Finally now we can stop hearing all these U.S. Only complaints