Cortana To Launch In The UK Via Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview

UK users that want access to Cortana already have a bit of a wait in store for them, as Microsoft recently quashed rumors that the digital voice assistant will be launching in the United Kingdom this month.

Still, while we do not know when it will be available, at least we have an idea how it will launch.

No big surprises here, but Marcus Ash of Microsoft confirmed that Cortana will be made available in the United Kingdom via the developer preview version of Windows Phone 8.1. In other words, Redmond plans to go in with the same model as the US launch.

The same pattern will also be used to launch the service in China soon, meaning users in the two key markets (UK and China) will get access to Cortana via Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview.

This is what the senior executive said tweet earlier today:

“Thanks Rob. We are working on getting the UK and China versions out through the developer preview.

Microsoft is, of course, yet to initiate the global rollout of Windows Phone 8.1, even though there have been hints that some select handsets have received update notifications in certain countries.

However, the company more or less still stands by the summer launch frame.

  • CaraMa

    Awesome. As always, I know you will have a report with early reviews from across the pond as soon as they hit.