The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Spain make up five of the biggest markets in Europe. Cortana was already available in the first, and now users in the other remaining four get a taste.

A taste of the digital voice assistant service.

Microsoft just announced the availability of the Windows Phone personal assistant in these regions, but only for devices that are enrolled in the Windows Phone Developer Preview program — just like it was already offered to users in the United States, China and United Kingdom in beta form.

However, in these four new markets, Cortana is made available in alpha form, which is to say that it will not offer the same experience and features may be missing.

Cortana will be able to operate in these new languages, as reported here.

Redmond previously hinted adding in Spanish support to Cortana back in November, but apparently the rollout took a little time to refine and streamline.

But this is a good sign — a sign that the service will soon be available to users in many more countries, even if only in alpha form. Microsoft can simply initiate the rollouts, and then refine and optimize the service accordingly, based on user feedback.

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