Microsoft has released a new Cortana Siri commercial, and this time the theater is two new handsets that offer these digital voice assistants. And the results are, once again, amusing.

Titled “Bigger”, this is another short ad, coming in at 30 seconds.

That means it is sure to be shown on televisions screens soon. It also ties into the holiday theme, and even the punch line is smack on target and laugh out loud funny. But more importantly, it shows the new smartphones, iPhone 6 Plus and the Lumia 830.

This makes it the first Microsoft commercial that features these new phones.

Watch the video below:

It does a good job of effectively highlighting the typical features that Cortana offers to users, including remainders based on who is calling you, or checking the traffic and telling you to leave early in order to get to your destination on time.

Redmond continues to play hardball on this, and ads like this are both funny and informative. Just how much of an impact they had on sales is unknown at the moment.

But hey, worth trying right?

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