Cortana and Bing are two Microsoft platforms that see regular, round the month updates. In fact, thanks to the search engine, the digital voice assistant is become more impressive at a steady pace.

And now the company has announced even better integration between the two platforms.

If anything, this is a remarkably formidable upgrade that makes Cortana even better at real world tasks, and more intelligent overall. The idea, as Microsoft explains is to make the digital voice assistant even more personal and useful.

Cortana provides a daily glance at all the information you need to start the day. These include the current weather, top news headlines, the first appointment on schedule, even the project travel time to work. But now, the service will do the same towards the end of the day.

The digital assistant can even monitor your flight status.

That’s all fine for business and work, but new enhancements to Cortana bring improved features for sports and concerts — NFL, NCAA and soccer fans can now see standings, track their favorite teams. More leagues have bene added including EPL and the Italian Serie A, for instance.

For people into music, Cortana tracks the artists that you search for and lets you know when they are performing in your area.

And speaking of location based services, one cool new feature is location based app suggestions. For example, Cortana will now suggest a Disney app while near Disney Land. Basic example, but you get the idea. That’s not all, it even recommends installed apps that may benefit you based on your location.

With updates like these, Microsoft is certainly staking a claim for the best mobile assistant. It is (almost) on par with Google Now, with Apple Siri nowhere near in sight.

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    Nice. Cortana is improving tremendously