Cortana, the digital voice assistant that comes with Windows Phone 8.1 is now available in a few more countries, including China and the United Kingdom. That is, alongside Update 1 of the mobile OS.

And some early adopters that have used it in the UK believe that the digital assistant does not sound as human as her US counterpart — new voice actor, and all.

The general consensus is that the UK Cortana sounds robotic and lacks emotion in her voice. Plus, this flavor of the service is also not quite as humorous as the US version, which is rather ironic, considering the British people and their fine sense of humor.

But the good news is that Microsoft is aware of these issues, and the company is taking the feedback into account in order to make the digital voice assistant sound more human.

As this tweet shows, a member of the Cortana team has joined in the conversation, and promised that they are working on a solution to make the voice sound less robot that how it is now.

The US version of Cortana is, obviously, voiced by Jen Taylor, but Redmond decided to go in with voice specific accents in other countries for better results. Most other localized versions will be done by other persons. What would be nice is some choice, though.

You know, allowing the choice of the original Cortana voice, or the country specific one.

What do you think?

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  1. Maybe it’s hard to find a good actress to sound as suggestive as Cortana with a British accent. Personally, I think the she could speak with a little more suggestive tone on the U.S. version. Maybe they can get the most popular porn stars in each country to do the voice

  2. Tom Baker, please!

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