Court Upholds The Microsoft Samsung Lawsuit

Lawsuit Samsung

Entangled and entwined legal battles! Prepare for what now seems like another such lengthy process, as the Microsoft Samsung lawsuit has been upheld by a US court.

Although the Korean company pleaded for the suit to put on hold while it arranged for arbitration with the International Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. In any case, the company now has a long legal battle ahead of it in the United States.

Trouble started not too long ago when Microsoft sued Samsung for defaulting on its Android royalties for the year 2013, which were paid at a later date without interest.

The company however believes that Redmond’s takeover of Nokia’s devices and services unit, which was finalized earlier this year, breached the 2011 contract between it and Microsoft, as this acquisition made Microsoft a direct competitor of the company.

Rendering the partnership colluded.

Samsung even filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft at the beginning of November, even with certain signs that both technology giants could have settled the dispute amicably.

The US District Court of Southern New York has just confirmed that the lawsuit will proceed, with Microsoft claiming that Samsung still owes it $6.9 million in unpaid Android royalties. Both companies are yet to comment on this latest development.

But it is one to watch.

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