Microsoft will roll out this month’s Patch Tuesday updates next week, and the company has put up the advanced notification for July 2014 detailing which products will be getting some action.

Windows and Internet Explorer both will receive critical security updates.

A total of six updates are set for arrival, which is far less than last month when 59 updates were reserved for Internet Explorer alone. Out of these six, two are rated Critical, three are marked as Important, while one comes with a Moderate flag.

You can read up on the details here.

But basically, all versions of Windows will get patched this week. This flaw exists in all builds of the operating system, from Windows Vista to Windows 8 and even Windows RT.

And yes, Windows XP is vulnerable too, and it will remain as such for most users, as Microsoft will not release a fix for it. Which is again, worrying, as security experts have already warned that cybercriminals can reverse the fix and find a way to break into Windows XP.

The flaw allows an attacker to gain the same privileges as the logged in user.

As usual, Microsoft have not provided too many details to keep the users on the safe side, but we should have the full specifications in a few days. More specifically, July 8.

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