And yes, the company is referring to this monthly patch rollout as “Update Tuesday”, which makes this the first time we are hearing this new name used in this sense.

It also means that the classic old Patch Tuesday name, unofficial as it was, is no more.

This advance notification for the upcoming set of fixes reveals a total of 9 security updates, 2 of which come with the Critical rating. Windows and Internet Explorer, both, are getting a look this time, as the company tries to fix some remote code execution issues.

As noted here, these allow an attacker the ability to run malicious code on vulnerable computers.

The other 7 updates are all flagged as Important, and address vulnerabilities unearthed in Microsoft software like Office, SQL Server and .NET Framework. The company will also introduce a new version of the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.

A bunch of other non-security updates are also in tow.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Redmond will also introduce the Windows 8.1 August Update with this cycle, which brings along a few small improvements to the modern operating platform, including Miracast support.

So all in all, a pretty decent set of enhancements for the month, which will probably be followed up with newer versions of some of the default Windows 8.1 apps, and Surface tablet firmware.

The usual stuff, as far as these things go.

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  • Emily Williams

    I’m glad! I love IE, but I do think it could use an update. The more updates the better for me! 🙂