Cyberlink, best known for its PowerDVD software is planning some touch-optimized video editing software for Windows 8.

The new tool is called PowerDirector and it will be available at Windows 8 launch for around 10 to 15 dollars in the Windows Store.

Some of the new features in PowerDirector for Windows 8.

  • It gives Windows filmmakers the ability to import multiple types of video (including mpeg 2, h.264, and mkv files)
  • Film makers are able to trim clips using taps, pinches and swipes.
  • Finished work is output at up to 1080p resolution.
  • PowerDirector provides several Magicstyle templates (“themes” in Apple parlance) to style your videos.
  • You can mix in music from your personal itunes collection. as well.
  • The app allows you to share it on Facebook or YouTube with just a few taps or save the file locally.
  • It can export the project to your desktop for further fine tuning using the full PowerDirector software.

It looks good and it also seems like a model for new Windows 8 app interactions – a light app on the Metro desktop with the ability to interact with the full app on the Windows 8 desktop.

It’ll be fun to see.

Engadget have a video where they checked it out.

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  • Alphere

    Wow, soon Adobe will also create Adobe Photoshop for touch and Microsoft will have Metro version of Visual Studio. I really can’t imagine the productivity for these software if you are using touch instead of mouse in keyboard.

    • Willy

      Even with Metro software, you still can use mouse and keyboard. MS Surface tablet therefore comes with it.

      • Alphere

        Yes but metro is optimized for touch. Why would you make it metro if you intend it to be worked with mouse and keyboard.

  • Ezekiel Carsella

    looks great! photoshop with a digitizer would be awesome!!.