OEMs. Enough said. It’s been two years to the day since Windows 8 made its debut, but companies like Dell and HP are still keen to push Windows 7 machines to buyers.

Laptops and desktops, both.

Even as the end of sales deadline for the world’s most famous operating system fast approaches. This month bears witness to two important milestones — the two year anniversary of Windows 8 and the ending of Windows 7 license sales to hardware vendors, for most versions at least.

The former means that Microsoft’s modern OS is still to really take off as was expected, but the latter shows that companies are still promoting the five years old operating system.

With prominent placements, deals and discounts on their websites, at least. The idea being to attract customers that want to buy Windows 7 hardware.

In fact, both companies have made the end of Windows 7 license sales a bit of a promotional event.

Interestingly, only Lenovo seems to be the major hardware vendor that has embraced the Windows 8 platform wholeheartedly. The Chinese company has kept its (proverbial) head down, and focused on creating new hardware devices for Microsoft’s modern OS.

With the way the other OEMs have stuck with Windows 7, there is a sure chance that a major switch to Windows 10 is on horizon, once the new operating system launches next year.

Companies (and users) are increasingly looking likely to skip Windows 8 altogether.

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