When Tim Cook made the same comment soon after the debut of the Surface Pro 3, it did not make much sense. That’s because the Apple CEO had not actually used the device then.

Surely, Dell executives have used it by now, but they still think Microsoft’s flagship tablet is a compromised product. This again, does not make much sense — or maybe it does, when you consider Dell is competing against this new Surface slate with their very own product.

Andrea Falkin, brand experience manager for the Latitude and OptiPlex line of products at Dell, thinks that the Surface Pro 3 is inferior in more ways than one.

The executive is referring to the recently unveiled Dell Latitude 13 7000, a business oriented laptop, powered by the Intel Core M chips, which doubles up as a 2-in-1 device.

It comes with a 13.3-inch display, a backlit keyboard, can wake up from sleep mode almost instantly, which makes it perfect for professional users. This new device is, at its core, a tablet that can be converted into a laptop, which makes it a direct competitor to the Surface Pro 3.

So this is what Falkin had to say:

“Unlike Surface Pro, you have this full productivity base. The intention behind this was to deliver a no-compromise experience.”

Noble intentions, but then again, the Surface Pro 3 is a tablet that plays the role of a laptop when needed. Dell claims that their device provides a better experience thanks to the inclusion of a hard keyboard, a spare battery and all manners of connectivity posts.

Then again, Microsoft is also offering a dock for the new device, which offers several additional connectivity options for the Surface Pro 3.

It also has got the edge on the Latitude 13 7000 in terms of price, as the Dell machine starts at $1,199.

Your take on this? Would you rather choose a 2-in-1 laptop that can be used as a tablet, or a tablet that offers almost the same functionality as a fully featured notebook? Comments, please.


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  1. The Dell devices don’t even match up to the SP3. Plus, you can get an i5 SP3, type cover, pen, and another case for close to the price of this Dell i3 device

  2. Owning several Dell PCs has taught me not to but dell anything. Too many hardware failures, too few upgrade options.

  3. No surprise. Dell is trying to compete with Microsoft now. Probably not a smart idea to say this for them if they want their hardware to continue to run with Windows, but this doesn’t shock me.

  4. I just mentioned this on the Apple vs SP3 post, but I wish all these slanderous back and forth campaigns would stop.

  5. I’ve got a dell Inspiron 15 5000 series and a dell venue 8 pro, oh and a SP3 with i7 & 256gb and SP1 gave to dad and another to brother. The dell and Surfaces both have their issues but they also serve different purposes. As a student, my SP tablets are a best fit with the pen use, small table footprint, and portability. My Dell Pro is in my room or living room for light gaming, media consumption. My dell Inspiron is great for typing or having a huge screen.
    To say the SP3 is compromised is to say you’ve never used one or tried to take it seriously. I think laptop makers need to continue to do what MSFT is doing and bridge that gap.

  6. “The Surface Pro 3 is a tablet that plays the role of a laptop when needed.” I disagree, the Surface Pro 3 is a laptop that plays the role of a tablet when needed. If I needed just a tablet I would buy something at a third of the price.

  7. I expected the manager of Dell to criticize the Surface 3 and then say that their tablet was half the price. But no, it is MORE expensive than the Surface 3! Why pay Rolls Royce prices (the cost of a Surface Pro) for a BMW (Dell tablet). Price has hurt the adoption of the Surface 3 but a higher price will kill the Dell tablet.

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