Microsoft’s longtime partners is making some moves on the Windows hardware front. The popular Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series is the company’s line of consumer friendly notebooks.

Which is to say, these are relatively affordable models — and hence, a hit with buyers.

Well, if you’re in for one, then you’ll be glad to know that some new Inspiron 15 laptops are now showing up at retailers. The company has provided these notebooks with a fresh, sleek look, though the design change does come with a few notable changes.

Nothing major in terms of internal hardware, though.

But as you can see, the new models go by the model number of 7547, and not 7537 as the older ones, meaning this is a small refresh. And the most obvious design changes it brings are softer lines and a two tone finish with a silver lid and dark gray piano keyboard.

The previous variants came in all silver.

Dell continues to offer the backlit keyboard, though these newer models come without an optical drive or a numeric keypad, which may be big differences for some from the previous generation hardware.

Still, the prices stay the same, more or less. The Core i5 version retails for $650, while the Core i7 model can be had for $780. Chances are that the company will also refresh the 17.3-inch models in this lineup soon, if it has not yet done so.

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