Dell may be busy planning to become a privately owned PC hardware firm once again, but it has a few vital months coming up. The important Holiday shopping season at the end of the year promises to be frantic and frenzied.

Hardware companies have already lined up several new Windows 8.1 devices, and with the impending retirement of Windows XP the competition promises to be as tough as it has ever been.

We have seen a fair few product announcements as we head into the launch of Microsoft’s first ever refresh of its flagship operating platform, and now Dell has also unveiled one of the first members of its Inspiron brand – the Inspiron 11.

PCWorld is reporting that this very affordable 11-inch Windows 8.1 touchscreen notebook weighs in at just 3.15 pounds and starts at a mouthwatering price of $349.

At this price gets you a processor made by AMD, but Dell is also offering a variant with Intel’s Haswell CPU inside, which can be had for $349. The Inspiron 11 offers up to eight hours of battery life and comes with a version of Microsoft Office preinstalled.

This much is certain — never has so much power and such an impressive feature set been offered at this affordable a price. Surely never!

Dell will also release several new high end Inspiron laptops, this time under the 7000 series branding. You can expect display sizes of 14, 15.6 and 17 at prices hovering in the range of $699 to $1,099.

Specific launch dates of the various models have not been revealed, however all Inspiron notebooks will come with Windows 8.1 preinstalled to go with touchscreens and Haswell processors. The focus this time is on the impressive battery lives of these laptops, which come in between eight and eleven hours.

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  • DCJason

    Fantastic. This will be a great option for those ‘Dell lovers’ who are looking to upgrade to Win 8.1. Only Toshiba comes close to the specs and price. This will be a ‘no-brainer’ for those on tight budgets. This laptop, coupled with Office 365, Win 8.1 becomes VERY affordable.