Windows 8.1 will soon be unleashed by Microsoft, and this can mean only one thing. We can expect a whole new generation of PCs and tablets powered by the upcoming operating system to hit the store shelves in the coming months.

Hardware companies large and small are now proactive about the release of Windows 8.1.

Formerly known as Windows Blue, the new operating system comes with exclusive features that make it perfect for tablet usage — even more so than the vanilla flavor of Windows 8.

Dell is now said to be readying a couple of Windows powered tablets.

And one of which is pretty much a sure thing. A 10.1-inch Windows 8.1 slate may show up, but this report over at DigiTimes only confirms an 8-inch model. The smaller tablet is set for this year, while the larger one may show up with either a Core i or Atom processor in the near future.

According to the story, Jeff Clarke, Dell’s vice-chairman and president of its Global Operations and End User Computing Solutions unit, is said to be very enthusiastic about Windows 8.1 — particularly its business and enterprise features.

So while Dell will have a bunch of All-In-Ones, hybrids, and convertibles to go with its refreshed desktop, notebook and ultrabook lineup, the company is most excited about the possibilities of tablets for the enterprise market.

Windows 8.1, after all, includes specific features that target this segment, and the executive believes that the operating system has what it to be the kingpin in the enterprise PC space, ahead of solutions like Android and iOS.

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