When it comes to Dell and mobile devices, let’s just say it hasn’t been a wonderful relationship. Dell has fiddled around with Android-based smartphones and tablets over the years. The result? The company soon discovered it just wasn’t working for them.

All their attempts at tablets and smartphones essentially failed and the company returned to focusing on what they do best– PCs. Now Windows 8 has come along and the company has again put faith behind tablets, this time with Windows 8 aboard.

At this week’s Dell World conference, vice president Jeff Clarke said, “We believe Windows 8 brings a lot to the tablet market. It allows us to put tablets in the hands of our customers with a form and a set of management tools they are very used to using.”

At the same time, the company said that they are totally disinterested in smartphones. They understand that they are a PC company, and Windows tablets count in that area. Still, so far Dell’s touchscreen efforts with Windows 8 have actually been doing pretty well. If things keep up, Dell could eventually realize that they can succeed in a big way with mobiles– as long as they stick with Microsoft.

While unlikely, this could someday mean that Dell might pick up that smartphone torch again, and this time run with Windows Phone technology. Again that’s just speculation.

So I’ll ask our readers, have you played around with any of Dell’s Windows 8 tablets or PCs yet? If so, what do you think of them? Has Dell finally found potential success in the mobile market after all?

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