Before we moved into the age of highly affordable, budget Windows 8.1 slates, there were only a handful of Windows powered tablets from a few Microsoft partners.

This side of the Surface hardware, obviously.

Dell, for example, released a few different models of its Venue 11 Pro tablet, including one with an Intel Bay Trail quad-core processor. This device appealed to customers that wanted a fully featured (albeit one with moderate performance) tablet at an inexpensive price.

Announced in October last year, these devices have been a moderate success, though some have been plagued by a few hardware (mostly touchscreen) issues here and there.

Now, as we approach the one year anniversary, there is talk that the company has removed the Bay Trail model, and the Dell Venue 11 Pro is currently only available in Core i3 and Core i5 variants.

Which, obviously, are a fair bit more expensive.

The company has very recently refreshed its Android powered Venue tablets by throwing in a more powerful Intel Merrifield chip, so there is a possibility that the Windows 8.1 model will also get such an upgrade in the coming months.

Maybe a few models that take advantage of the Intel Broadwell platform?

One can hope.

Anyway, if you had been planning to get your hands on the Bay Trail model of the Dell Venue 11 Pro, chances are that you might still find them online or at your local retailers. But hurry, as they will soon be disappearing from the store shelves.

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  • Sally Black

    How much are these running? I know they’re not top of the line, but are they considered expensive or affordable?

    • Steve Fulton

      I think it’s around $500, but you may want to double check. Thinking of getting one?