Just $129, that is. You will struggle to find a Windows 8.1 tablet like this, at this great a price. But then again, Microsoft has been known to offer some of the sweetest deals on tablets.

Redmond is currently preparing the grand opening of a few new Microsoft Store locations. And if you live near the location where new retail outlets are opening, then you might be able to buy one such tablet yourself at almost half its selling price.

The company shared the news in a post on Facebook.

June 28 is the day when you will be able to pick up a Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet with a capacious 64GB of internal storage for only $129 — there were times, back in the early days, when just USB flash drives of this capacity were available at this price.

All things considered this is a major discount, as the tablet normally retails for $249.99.

The new specialty stores are opening in Staten Island Mall (Staten Island, NY), Westfield Southcenter (Seattle, WA), Alderwood (Lynnwood, WA), and Towson Town Center (Towson, MD).

In terms of hardware, the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet offers an 8-inch IPS display that runs at 1280 by 800 pixels resolution. A 1.8GHz Intel quad-core processor is paired with 2GB of RAM. Storage capacity comes in at 64GB, while the device also brings optional 4G/LTE connectivity and Dell Active Stylus.

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  • garak0410

    I have to say this device is fantastic. I actually own a Surface Pro 2 (with a Pro 3 on preorder) but I’ve been using the Venue Pro 2 almost full time now versus my Surface Pro 2. It is fast, a joy to use in portrait mode and actually easy to do light Microsoft Office work. I also have the Dell keyboard, folio and stylus. All three are adequate.

    I mounted my MicroSD in a folder on the C-Drive and I install Desktop apps that way all the time. Loaded Visual Studio 2013 and it runs great (though not sure I’d code a lot on this device.) Loaded STEAM and Portal 2 and Skyrim. You have to use low settings but both ran quite well if you need to get a full desktop game fix.