In case Microsoft needs more ideas on how to revamp its file manager, this Windows 10 File Explorer concept has got it covered. This design is one of many to update the UI of this key feature of the OS.

Of course, Redmond itself is working on a dark theme for File Explorer, which is all set to arrive with the upcoming Redstone 5 update to the operating system, due out this fall.

But other than that, the file manager has only received minor improvements lately.

Also in the mix is Fluent Design, a new design philosophy that the company is pursuing to offer a consistent UI across all its platforms. Things have been slow on that front too, at least when it comes to implementation.

Goes without saying that the community has proposed several ideas on how to revamp the user interface of Windows 10, with all these upcoming enhancements in mind.

Like this one, designed by Amit Shukla, which envisions both dark and light themes for File Explorer, based on the Fluent Design system.

It also incorporates Ribbon — a feature that launched as part of Microsoft Office 2007, but is now an essential part of the File Explorer providing users with easy access to key features and options within what is now a familiar interface.

Remains to be seen whether any of the ideas presented here make their way to File Explorer.

But at least, there is reason to be excited for the incoming dark theme.


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