Redmond has been fighting piracy almost since it got into the business of selling software. However, despite its massive efforts, the company still has a long way to go to claim some notable wins.

Microsoft has been pushing and directing users and businesses to legitimate software, but a new study from IDC and the National University of Singapore (NUS) shows that businesses the world over are forced to spend $500 billion to address issues relating to malware delivered via pirated applications.

End users also have to part with $25 billion yearly and waste 1.2 billion hours every year for the same.

David Finn, the associate general counsel & executive director of the newly formed Microsoft Cybercrime Center had this to say on this worrying matter:

“While these statistics are frightening, they shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, cybercriminals aim to profit from any security lapse they can find. And through pirated software, they’ve found another way to introduce malware into computer networks – breaking in so they can grab whatever they want: your identity, your passwords and your money.”

As the study shows, consumers are actually worried about the risks of using pirated software. Some 60 percent were afraid of losing data, while 51 percent had worries about unauthorized Internet transactions due to infected software.

Government organizations also feared unauthorized access to confidential government information.

At the same time, the software titan promises to continue fighting software pirates with investments in new technology in order to provide enhanced protection to users that buy legitimate licenses.

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  • Emily W

    I didn’t realize this was that big of an issue still! The amount of money spent by users and businesses is staggering! Woah! :I

  • Wayne S

    If the piracy laws can ever work the way they should, the amount of money in the entertainment world is going to go through the roof! Crazy amounts of money!

  • Bill Franklin

    I’m afraid of using pirated software like the majority of people asked. I wonder if I ever have by accident at one point.

  • Jake

    How do people go about pirating software? I’m incredibly ignorant on the particular topic. The numbers are shocking without a doubt though.