As the saying goes, have one eye on the future and another on the past. Well, Microsoft’s past is playing sticky, with the software titan finding that most Windows XP users continue to stick to the old OS.

This was not quite the case with previous versions of the operating system —Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and whatnot. Users back then regularly upgraded and updated to whenever new flavor of Windows that was around at that time.

Windows XP is, long story short, proving to be a very hard nut to crack.

All eyes are currently on the newly launched Windows 8.1 Preview, but the old operating system still remains popular with fresh statistics showing that Windows XP only recorded the slightest of declines last month.

Microsoft has intensified its efforts these past few months of moving users away from XP, but the classic operating system still holds the title of the second most popular operating system in the world.

It currently has a market share of 37.17 percent — down from a figure of 37.74 percent a month before.

Windows XP will, obviously, no longer receive updates and security support after April 8, 2014, and both Microsoft and technology advisors are urging users and businesses to move to a newer platform, be it Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Microsoft hopes that the imminent arrival of Windows Blue (Windows 8.1 will play a part in boosting its new platform while at the same time decreasing the market share of Windows XP.

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