There have been rumors abound, most of them surfacing last year, that Microsoft was looking into the development of a smartphone carrying its logo. A Surface branded smartphone was for quite some time the talk of the town.

Obviously, Redmond recently acquired Nokia’s devices and services business, and though the deal is still being finalized, Microsoft is apparently still working on its smartphone that could be released next year.

A Microsoft executive, according to this report, has confirmed that the technology titan is working on a smartphone, and a branded Windows Phone is not all that far off.

Vineet Durani, director of the Windows Phone Business Group had this to say on this:

“We are waiting for regulatory clearances on the Nokia deal to merge the devices and hardware business, with Microsoft’s software business. The Microsoft-branded phone is under review, but in the meanwhile we continue to work with our partners like Huawei, Samsung and HTC for Windows OS handsets.”

Microsoft is, obviously, not allowed to work together with Nokia until the deal is done, which means that it is a distinct possibility that this particular smartphone is a solo effort.

Analysts, however, are already weighing in on the prospects. The principal research analyst at Gartner, Anshul Gupta, concluded:

“While it is difficult to comment on how Microsoft would perform with its own branded handset, considering that we haven’t seen much from them as a hardware player. By taking over Nokia, they will gain the device assets and manufacturing capabilities of an experienced global player, that puts them on par with other global players, and therefore in a better place than they were earlier.”

All considered we still do not have a smidgeon of an idea of what the smartphone looks like, and what kind of hardware configuration Redmond plans to pack under the hood.

But it safe to imagine that it will fly in under the Surface brand, if it does see daylight, that is.

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  • Ray C

    Vendors criticized Microsoft on news of these rumors last year, but why not? It’s obvious that Nokia was the only one trying to be a true partner to Microsoft last year. Everyone just put out Windows Phones and let them just float in the wind.

  • Arseny Mikhaylov

    If this were true and they would really keep the design of the Surface 2 for that smartphone and in addition slap the Lumia 1020’s camera on it
    I would be camping out in front of a store just to get it