Microsoft Windows Phones really are going through an interesting phase. While we’ve seen several midrange and affordable models over the past few months, true flagships are missing.

Also missing is a camera flagship, the successor to the fan-favorite Lumia 1020.

But that’s for another day.

The flagship situation looks like it might not chance anytime soon. Some early details of four new Windows Phone devices that Microsoft is working on are with us.

And they have been spotted by the advertising network, AdDuplex.

Perhaps the most interesting part is that these four new handsets have screen ranging from 4 inches to a notable 5.7 inches. Obviously, all four are aimed at different markets, both premium and affordable. Here are the details:

Microsoft RM 1069/1070/1071 is a 4-inch handset that features a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Expect this one to take the fight to those affordable Android smartphones in developing markets. It has actually been spotted in China, for what it’s worth.

The next device to show up in logs is Microsoft RM 1072/1075, with a 5-inch 720p display. Midrange.

Third one is the Microsoft RM 1062/1063/1064/1065, and interestingly this is a phablet. The 720p display is barely serviceable on a 5.7-inch screen, but might work with a midrange price. Word is that it might launch as the Lumia 1330.

And finally, the Microsoft RM 1078 is a handset that is headed for Sprint in the United States. The carrier is said to be already testing the device, and while the display size is unknown, resolution is 854 x 480.

So basically, a revamp is on the horizon for the Lumia lineup.

Chances are that none of these is the Lumia 940, which recently leaked out with specifications, but it is very certain that we might see some of these handsets out in the wild very soon.

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  • Lenn Liggins

    Better have a 920 replacement within the next two months or I’m heading in a different direction. I just don’t understand who runs Microsoft, they just are always one step behind in almost everything. Get an innovator in the CEO’s chair, not a tech head.

    • Fahad Ali

      I mean yeah, budget and midrange phones are fine. Launch as many as you want, but just mix them up with a few high-end devices here and there, as well as a flagship or two every season.

      Pretty nasty we don’t have any of this happening. And to think this holiday season would have been the perfect time for some deluxe new devices.

      I still recall how towards the end of 2012, Nokia was having trouble keeping up with the demand for the Lumia 920. Since then it’s been a total change in direction. Worrying thing is that there’s nothing stopping Microsoft from focusing on all three segments of the market. Budget, midrange and high-end.