Microsoft is surely in a give and take mood. The company has recently put up the Windows 8.1 on the Windows Store allowing Windows 8 users to deploy and install the upgrade.

And the company is now also allowing developers to submit the Windows 8.1 apps to the Store.

When it comes to Windows 8.1 apps, developers have so far been working with either the Preview or the RTM builds of the operating system. Now they have the chance to update their apps so that they are 100 percent compatible with the final version of the OS.

The technology titan put up all the details in a new blog post on the App Developer blog.

In essence, the developers who have made apps for Windows 8.1 Preview will have these apps rejected for publishing from the Windows Store until they are updated for the final release version of the operating system — expect tons of app updates to show up in the coming days.

Apps can be updated to take advantage of the new features in Windows 8.1 like two more Live Tile size options, enhanced multitasking features as well as small and large performance improvements.

In related news, Windows 8.1 app packages can now be up to 8GB in size for Windows 8.1.

The apps repository itself has received a new look and layout, designed to help users quickly find the apps they are looking for without much effort. Bing search engine will also offer user recommendations for new apps to try out.

And obviously, apps will be automatically updated by default from now on.

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