Redmond wowed pretty much everyone at opening of BUILD 2014 yesterday, showcasing some of the biggest features of Windows Phone 8.1, the next version of its mobile operating system.

The company, however, still continues to work on it.

According to this report, while Microsoft indeed signed off the core build (or what it calls the final feature build) on March 26, it was not actually the final version. The company is still squashing bugs in the mobile operating system, a process that should take a couple of weeks. At least.

For this reason, the software titan has set April 14 as the day the new OS will be ready.

Additionally, it appears that Microsoft has sent an email to its Windows Phone partners that clarifies this, and outlines the timeframe for the completion of development of the launch build of Windows Phone 8.1.

The remaining development work is referred to as the ‘Final Adaption Kit build’, which is said to be a small set of issues to improve the commercialization aspects of the product.

Yup, sounds like a bug fix drive to me — one that is expected to be completed April 8.

And then the final ultimate build will be combined with this Final Adaption Kit to form what is being called the ‘Windows Phone 8.1 QFE1 Final Adaptation Kit Build’. The true golden bits, the final code. This is on track to be in the hands of manufactures on April 14.

It should also be available for users that are part of the Developer Preview Program around this time, as Joe Belfiore, so aptly puts here. Global rollout, however, will only start in the summer after carrier testing and all that cool stuff.

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  • Ray C

    I’m just glad we’re finally in the release month

    • Wayne S

      We’re in agreement on that. It feels like a long time coming. Only a week and a half until we made it to the final build.

  • Jason Claven

    The finish line is in sight. I believe this will be great and I know I am happy that this has finally arrived. I’m optimistic!

  • Jake

    It does sound like it was delayed a little because of a bug or minor issue. You’re right about that, David. 10 days from the final build!