Did Microsoft’s stock price go up on a Windows 8 rumor?

Shares of Microsoft (MSFT) were up 94 cents, or almost 4%, at $25.24 yesterday on what would appear to be an accelerated time frame for the company’s next version of Windows, Windows 8.

This was a RUMOR mentioned in a piece on ZDNet by Mary Jo Foley.

Foley wrote that rather than a staggered introduction of Windows 8 over the first three quarters of 2012, as had been expected, Microsoft may release Windows 8 to manufacturing all at once in April of 2012, citing a “trusted source.”

According to Tiernan Ray (from barrons), that time frame for a September beta is earlier than expected, and the likely cause of today’s pop.

Foley argues an April manufacturing date would help make sure there are Windows tablets and PCs for the holidays in 2012:

I’m speechless that this might be true…

Oh fragile stock market…


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