It seems that Microsoft is starting to take a “Windows 8 or bust” approach with DirectX. Going forward, it seems that DirectX 11.1 will simply stay as part of Windows 8 and won’t be made available for Windows 7.

In contrast, Windows Vista owners DID get DirectX 11 ported over. There are several new features in the latest version of Direct X but it isn’t a massive jump, either. What’s new? While we won’t list all the features, there are some cool additions like stereoscopic 3D Support.

Keep in mind that most games allow you to use much older versions of DirectX for a very long time, so this isn’t necessarily going to cripple your gaming experience if you are sticking with Windows 7 a bit longer. It does make it clear that if you want the latest gaming technology with DirectX, an update isn’t a bad idea, though.

Honestly, Windows 8 is a better all-around gaming experience anyhow. Why? Now that most of the video drivers have been optimized for the upgrade, Windows 8 just makes gaming on a PC less of a hassle. This is in large part thanks to its faster boot times, but also just because Windows 8 (at least in my experience) crashes a lot less.

In several games I’ve also noticed increased performance as well. Maybe its a placebo affect and all in my head, but games seem smoother and there is less lag on games that really tax my machine. Loading times also seem quite a bit shorter than I remember them.

Have you made the jump to Windows 8 on your gaming rig yet?

What do you think?

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