So as we barrel down the road to Windows 8, a lot of you have questions about Microsoft’s new Operating System.

We decided that we will start a new Question and Answers segment on this site.

It’s real simple.

Leave your Windows 8 related questions in the comments below and starting this Friday, I’ll answer them in a post every week, one by one.

The questions can be about anything from hardware to software to Windows RT to whatever.

If you have a question, this is your chance to get it answered.

We’re looking forward to them.

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  1. Can i Install windows 8 on Mac & how?

  2. If I Update from 7 to 8 will I still have all my files and my programss installed?

    • as far as i know, all your personal files and some programs and some
      settings can be ported to win8. some programs need to be reinstalled.
      but i would never rely on that. save your personal files and data on an
      external harddrive before you install win8. just to be sure.

  3. My wife is an apple lover. I love that all of her apps sync automatically between her macair, iphone, and ipad – will windows 8 do this and how?

  4. If I go from windows 7 to windows 8, how is that gonna affect my files, programs installed (video games, etc). What are the computer req. for Windows 8?

    • as far as i know, all your personal files and some programs and some settings can be ported to win8. some programs need to be reinstalled. but i would never rely on that. save your personal files and data on an external harddrive before you install win8. just to be sure.

  5. I have two question:
    1- What windows 8 version can make a clean install? I mean a completed format and disk partition.
    2- I build my own PC. What windows 8 version let me keep my license when i upgrade my motherbord or my CPU?

    • windows 8. it’s the usual version that is for the majority of customers. there isn’t a version for upgrading from older OSs to win8 and a separate version for new installation. it’s just one version. if you have another os installed you can choose if you want to upgrade or clean install or install on a separate partition etc.

  6. As a follow up to Kenny’s question. I was having a debate with a co-worker on the differences between 8 and 8RT. is there a difference in compatibility for the apps from the windows store depending on what architect you are using?

    • first, desktop apps (legacy apps/programs from win7) won’t run on Win RT (i guess you already know that).
      usually every windows 8 app you download from the windwos store should work on arm-processors and on intel-processors. but it seems that some win8-apps won’t work on arm at least as far as the discription says… for example the new google-search-app. i don’t know how this will continue… but i think microsoft will do everything in order to make all win8-apps from the store compatible with both systems Win8 and WinRT.

  7. What’s the status on Media Center? When will it be available? how to get it? How much does it cost?

    • media center / media player is only available in the pro version of windows 8. you can upgrade from windows 8 to windows 8 pro. don’t know exactly how much it is…

    [email protected]
    am in facebook alberto gorin
    i love windows 7.
    wy did microsft let the consumer choise if he or she want classic start menu ?
    or how do you enable the classic start menu ?

    • there is no possibilty to enable the classic start menu in windows 8. the new startscreen with livetiles replaced the old start menu. microsoft won’t bring it back for windows 8. there are some software solutions that solve this. but hey, try it out, you get used to it and I don’t miss it anymore…

    • because it’s way less efficient to use… and not future proof… in win 8 the home tab is your start menu…and the tab menu your desktop… way faster to use and navigate than windows has ever been…. try it… after a week you’ll see how obvious this is….

  9. Why does Microsoft want to self destruct? Windows 8 is like putting a pistol to your head and squeezing the trigger. They will also be taking down their brother from another mother, Intel.

    • this is about asking questions about win8. not about letting out your hate of microsoft or win8. please troll somewhere else…

    • Putting a pistol to your head? If Apple is any indication of the money available in the touch-enabled universe, the pistol you are referring to must be filled with money.

    • Lol true because intel is not the company making the processor for Mac…. and ARM dominates tablets for one reason only battery consumption… looking at intels development schedule… that dominance won’t last for ever… the day they can cram an i7 that drains power like an A6x they’ll be the king of the hill in the tablet and phone market too….
      if it’s just looks that bother you well too bad old soul… just go back to CRT and black and white TV… you are living in the past… win 7 is a 20th century interface…. and well if you like apple looks good for you…. even with their bragging number yesterday… they are still 3rd in the OS market share by several galaxies so obviously not everybody is a snow white waiting to happen…
      but nice try….

  10. I’ve been using Windows 8 (final release) in my laptop for several days now and I already got used to it… it is different but I don’t see it as worse than Win7. However, something I’d really like to see improved is the email client… It is lacking some basic functionality that even the WinPhone 7 client has like seeing only unread messages, sorting, filtering, etc… If MSFT want this email client to be “usable” in a tablet, it needs a lot of improvement.

  11. Ben Fitzpatrick / October 23, 2012 at 10:48 am /Reply

    Where to get Windows 8 cheapest and advice for Windows 8 ordering Launch day?

  12. I was a part of the consumer Beta program. How do I upgrade to the full Windows 8 on the same computer?

  13. Can anyone recommend a third party software that will enable the classic start menu at booting?

    • Start8 from stardock (win 7 start menu for win 8)

    • pretty useless IMO the new layout is way more effective and faster to navigate than the start button… your home page becomes your start menu pretty much…. putting add on like that will just add clutter to your system and ultimately slowdown your rig…

  14. Georgy Papantoniou / October 23, 2012 at 11:01 am /Reply

    Can I download Windows 8 64 bit to my Windows 7 32 bit laptop, and then perform a clean install, with the offer of 39.99$?


    • because win8 does everything what win7 does but everything better, faster and easier. if you don’t want to get that i don’t care. but please troll somewhere else and let people discuss about important things.
      even if you don’t care about all of win8’s new features and capabilities maybe its interesting for you and a lot of other win7users that win8 is so much faster.

      • +1 billion gazillion….
        there is absolutely nothing win7 does better than win8 even on a desktop without touch, for leisure, multimedia, or productivity purposes… it is faster to boot faster to operate and more multitasking/productivity oriented than ever before…
        especially at that price, not switching or at least buying the pack is just plain retarded
        and all the snow whites out there stop biting the apple…

        • Agree! I use windows 7 at work and Windows 8 at home. Took some time to get used to but everything I can do on 7 seems snappier and quicker on 8. Task manager alone is worth the upgrade.

  16. when i buy windows 8 (normal retail version) on dvd, will i be able to only install win8 on one computer or can i install it on several pcs? don’t want to pay 40-60€ for each pc…
    how many licenses are included with the windows 8 retail version?

    • got an answer from microsoft facebook service. they say you’ll get just one licence. maybe there will be sth like a familypack or so… similar to win7… but not now.

  17. Will Windows 8 RT have similar content restrictions that we see with iOS and Android? For example, the Zinio magazine app for iPad and Android do not allow the viewing of mature content. Will the same rules apply in RT?

  18. My wife is an apple lover. I love that all of her apps sync automatically between her macair, iphone, and ipad – will windows 8 do this and how?

    • Ralf magillacudy / October 24, 2012 at 4:41 am /Reply

      First of all you need to learn about the operating system first b4 asking questions
      second of all no … well it depends on the kind of machine if it has bluetooth.
      3rd of all applications are designed and posted to the internet every day.
      If you have bluetooth for your machine search for an app that will alow you to sync your apps with whatever you weren’t clear on that —plus if your looking to sync windows 8 with apple it’s probably not compatible. “Bing is your bestfriend”

      • pretty sure he meant in a windows ecosystem is it gonna be the same

      • Thanks for the troll Ralf – figured the title “ask it here” was for whatever questions someone may have. That being said – I’ve been using windows 8 since developer preview for both app development / everyday os and wanted to get a feel for what ideas others had about syncing apps. I appreciate your adolescent attempt to intelligently troll me but am not sure you have the ability to do so.

        I appreciate the response listed below suggesting linking through outlook and the cloud – completely agree – great feature.

        I suppose I wasn’t quite clear in my question. Let’s say for example I download 20 apps on my shiny new Surface. Has anyone heard of plans for microsoft to integrate apps across devices by syncing through their online live account. Let’s not use Apple as an example (perhaps that’s what got Ralf worked up) but Google. A user may login to his google account to see “their” apps. They can also elect to have said apps automatically downloaded to a new device via “sync”.

        Just really like the feature of my “stuff” everywhere and would love to see apps automatically installed on my wp8, xbox360, and surface without having to do repeat installs.

        Thank you Ralf for the motivation to more clearly ask my question.

        • ah ok. now i got your point. 😉
          at the moment you can only see ‘your’ apps (the apps you have ever installed/purchased on any of your machines) via windows store. no auto-installation process… but i suppose that will be the next step… maybe win9 …maybe sth before…

        • wait you still have to DL apps on android eco system don’t you ??? or you stream them over the cloud???
          I know in theory most apps will work on all win 8 platforms beside XBox (even though you’ll get a lot of gaming and media stuff to work there too) but I’m not sure yet you will be able to have one licence and use it on all device or if you gonna have to pay for each device… but looking at the competition and the will of MS to get hard in the race… I think we’ll get a lot of stuff to work cross platform at no extra cost…
          the entire concept of win8 is to unify everything windows/MS under one flag….
          so looking at skydrive, outlook online, office 2013 and its free cloud apps… I’m almost certain they will be really aggressive on that front and cross platform syncing will be one of their main argument especially towards professional application… where they can really shine over the competition with ease..

        • Thanks guys – makes sense. Of course it would have to be an option to auto sync (a check box somewhere giving your device permission). Can’t wait to see if they do this!

    • it’s already possible with win 7 today with anything like medias between win PC, Zune players, windows phone 7 and Xbox through media center…. even some cars have windows enable software…
      windows 8 force over the rest is gonna be pretty much one OS (even RT) to rule them all so yeah it will be possible even more than the apple ecosystem since it will be pretty much win8 everything…. the only thing that won’t work is your old third party programs for win 7 on win 8 RT (ipad equivalent tablets)… but everything post win 8 launch should be compatible with everything windows (of course you probably won’t have an office app for XBox, but who knows…)

  19. Microsoft is doing the $14.99 upgrade for PC’s bought between dates and I have 4 that is eligible and I registered them for the update. My question is I built a gaming PC with a brand new copy of Windows 7. Does my built PC qualify for the upgrade since it’s built?

    • I think your question is “Does a recently purchased copy of Windows 7 qualify for the upgrade offer” rather than a custom built non-branded PC. I think the answer is no. I have been wondering the same, and my research appears to indicate that you will not be able to upgrade. Best you contact Microsoft direct and update us on this thread.

    • my guess is yes, i remember new egg advertising the 14 dollar upgrade with the purchase of a windows 7 CD…

  20. what’s the printer situation with RT, i know that they’re supposed to be plugged and play but what range of printers will be like that?

    • Thats a very good question. Since WinRT runs on ARM, no printer drivers should be able to run on it. I wonder whether you can install ARM optimised programs in WinRT or whether that option is entirely disabled in windows 8. If not then we could see printer manufacturers create drivers for the new platform.

  21. Windows 8 Instal

    Brandon LeBlanc has said that on line upgrade for $40 may be made
    from a PC using Release Preview and you “MAY” require to have a genuine
    original windows 7 key or other. Its not clear how or when this is
    entered. I have the original Windows 7 disks. I have made clean instals
    to Release Preview’ but also proceeded to instal the recent Windows 8
    Pro 9200 over that and it works fine. Its life is limited to 180 days
    without the key. Can I now upgrade for $40 from this PC to Windows 8 Pro
    and my final key activation key? It would seem absurd to have to clean
    out the present Win8 Pro, then reload Release Preview simply to get the
    final product.This is a copy of a post left for Brandon twice in the last 2 months without response. It has been the subject of 2 phone enquiries to MS Australia with total ignore. MSAus dumps enquiries to the Philipines. So much for the MS hype.
    In my case, clean installations of successive Win8 should have ensured that no Win7 serials remain on the HDD, so what are they talking about.


  22. My desktop does not have a touch screen. Will some hardware become available, like a touch pad which simulates me poking the screen that I can attach to my desktop to get a better touchcentrik experience?

  23. (a) If you buy the upgrade and have Win7, can you dual-boot both OSs (or does the upgrade supersede your Win7 license)? I currently have the Release Preview dual-booted with my Win7.
    (b) can upgrade be managed if your present machine has poor internet connection, e.g. by downloading to a second better-connected PC, burning a DVD, and installing on the first machine?

    • (a)it’s useless to keep win7 if you put win8
      (b) yes i think it should work because the most important thing is the activation code but i’m not a 100% sure..

  24. What problems might I run into if I have duel sceens and with if only one of those is a multi-touch screen?

    • haven’t tried split screen (one continuous desktop) but dual screen showing the same stuff on both with one being touch works already with win 7 so I guess it should be completely integrated for win 8….

    • This is one of the few gripes I have with 8. They should have the option to put the start screen on BOTH monitors at the same time. It would be awesome to have the apps tiles spread out over both monitors. It looks funny with the desktop on one, and is difficult to hit the corners that are next to the other screen.

    • from the rp windows 8 kinda let’s you pic which screen has the start screen, but never both.

      As long as your start screen monitor doesn’t switch your be fine. just make sure the primary screen is touch.

  25. How much for a multuple user home license for sqy 5 different machines

  26. When laying the surface flat down on its back, what do i do with my touch/type cover? Also, can i put the touch/type cover behind the surface when the kickstand is out and the surface is standing up?

  27. me I have plenty of question… been trying to get answers through Microsoft support but, they either don’t know or are not allowed to communicate before the 26th

    -so right now there are 2 options in pre order…. win 8 pro which is an update option for win7, and win 8 prop pack which is an “update” for win8 to get all the goodies like bitloader etc etc… and from what I’ve heard from support if you want win 8 pro pack features coming from win 7 you need to get win8 pro and win 8 pro pack (that’s directly from MSFT sales support team) is that info true ????

    -How much will be the full version of win 8 pro ? (the DVD I can use for a clean install on a formated HDD with no OS on it and with all the goodies of win 8 pro pack)

    -once again from customer support, they told me when you pre order you can only get one language, is there any plan on a multi language pack since I use both american qwerty keyboard layout and French azerty layout? if yes when in which package and for how much?

    -and finally is there gonna be multi license options for non professional users if they have more than one rig to upgrade ???

    can’t wait for friday…finally something decent in the tech world… was getting really tired of that apple scam of releasing half baked overpriced product every 4 months…

  28. I am replacing my old laptop, what hardware is available with touch screen. Must be capable of running a couple of VM machines

    • if you wanna go tablet… you have the serie 7 slate from samsung… the assus transformer 121(not sure of the model number)… you have the surface pro coming out any time soon…. and I bet a lot of other new tablets are to come out with in the next 6 month and I bet you’ll have good launch discounts to ensure win 8 success…. laptop pretty sure every major constructor have touch screen models….

  29. not sure but when it comes to drivers in general it is the responsibility of the hardware manufacturer to make them not the OS company anyway…. now you have generic drivers that will most likely be available from MS on surface but also from other brands on their own ARM tablet I’m pretty sure…. especially since you’ll have office apps on those win 8 RT tablet… I’m certain that’ll be a non issue… especially with famous constructors like HP and all

    • I think you’re right. Im sure they have worked out a solution for this. A good guess would be, if your printer worked on Windows 7, it should be fine on Windows 8. If its a very, very old printer it probably will not.

  30. I am retired and enjoy the tech gadgets available in this great new era. I am excited about replacing my laptop with a Win 8 Pro tablet. I will wait for a 14″ display because Inking is important to me. I have currently 4 tablets, all Android, the Galaxy Note 10 1 my favorite for home and the Nexus 7 for my truck, tethering from my Galaxy Note 5.3. My question, is where can I find a list of certified edge to edge glass touch monitors, to convert my new one off desktop to Win 8 touch, which folds down for pen work? Thank you,

  31. couple more questions

    -is smartglass coming out the 26th too

    -will win 8 game be one licence for all…i.e. if I buy it on my PC can i play it on my win 8 phone and my Xbox ??? if yes any listing starting to pop up

    -any word on surface pro release date and detail specs ???

    • as far as i know surface pro will be released 3 months after the surface RT.
      in my opinion that is really stupid from microsoft. they bring Win8 and WinRT on the market which creates a lot of confusion. what could be better to explain the difference ? just surface RT and surface pro…

  32. I just bought a new pc with windows 7. Can I purchase the windows 8 upgrade and set up a dual boot with 7 and 8 or will my 7 be lost in the upgrade to windows 8?

    • not sure but if you have the win 7 disk… you could always put win7 back after updating it to win 8…. but why would you keep a dual boot like that, since you have a legacy desktop in in win 8 pretty much being a emulation of the win 7 environment for old APIs ??? (just being curious)

  33. that’s a great gizmo…. wish they had one for big screens could be great for classrooms on big flatscreens

  34. thanks sweet then I’ll finally have the best tablet on the market with my sami serie 7 slate with custom mod 240GB SSD and GPS/WIFI/3G controller… that with win 8 and smartglass linked to my XB can’t wait to be on week end 😀 take that apple 😛

  35. Can i play all the latest games on windows 8?

  36. Can windows 8 run all the latest games?

    • in my experience yes, even crisis runs very well.

      But crisis 2 had dx11 issues in windows 8 rp, from various sources like you because the issue has been resolved in the final release.

      so yeah, it all runs great, maybe even better than 7.

  37. Hello …
    I’m interested if I will be able to upgrade to Windows 8, on a Windows XP Home Premium .. (I use it, because it was bundled with the computer …) at what price, or do we need to buy a new Windows 8 …?

  38. Hi, I want to know how to make the Windows 8 apps work behind proxy. My University network is behind a proxy and I am not able to connect the apps in Win 8 evaluation version to the internet. I am behind a proxy that requires authentication. I am able to use the normal applications and internet browsers with the proxy, but none of my apps would connect to the internet. Please help. I am entitled for the new laptop 14$ scheme for buying Win8, but I am wondering if I should buy it purely because of this issue. Regards,Kiran Kishore

  39. Will future Windows (9,10 etc.) abandon legacy programs entirely and only run apps, thus removing the confusion over desktop (legacy) and start page (apps)?

  40. Will Microsoft refuse to run opposition software or apps like Apple is at the moment in the case of Google Maps? I hope not, because that just gives a worse product.

  41. iI need details on remote desktop, is it provides only or is it also available on RT.

  42. What kind of file is saved to PC while downloading a purchased copy of Windows 8 upgrade through the windows upgrade assistant?? I mean the .ISO or just the one huge set up file??

  43. in the last 2 days the system im using has experienced monitor blinking.

    im running build 8400 release preview… and have ordered windows 8 pro.

    ive updated AMD drivers, had dell do a system check and trouble shooting.

    The program with the issues is Photoshop CS6 lates version… actually update from Creative Cloud this morning,
    This also did not fix the screen blinking issues.

    Any Ideas…

  44. Ive been using windows 8 for several month so far. It has been a pleasure to work with it. I still can’t believe people are using XP, Vista, and Windows 7 any one using windows 95 out there. That was an awsome upgrade from Windows for Workgroups vrs 3.????

  45. I’m having a screen resolution problem wiht windows 8 in my netbook, windows 8 needs at least a 1024×768 and my netbook only has a 800×600 resolution, so I’m not able to run any Metro Application and by the other hand my desktop looks stretched.

    With the final release is windows 8 going to support lower screen resolutions???

    I really need this…Thank you.

  46. A lot people will which. To. Upgrade but. Struggle economic. Is any. Source out there. Given. Free. Link. Windows 8. Copy’s ?? I want a full. Copy please. For. Mine pc thanks and god bless. Always. Amen.

  47. Hello,
    I have 2 questions about Windows 8:
    1) Do Windows 8 Professional include DVD player or should I buy one?
    After running Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, in my DELL XPS M1530 laptop,
    I came across with the following warning: “Your screen resolution isn’t
    compatible with snap”. What does this really mean? (My screen
    resolution is 1280 x 800).
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    • I have used that resolution for some time on my notebook with no issues….might be a Dell specific problem. Mines an Acer One Windows 8 Pro. Runs great, no problems. Even use the “Project to second screen” feature to play movies on the TV at 1080p

      • I read in a site that I won’t be able to have both the desktop and the Metro – style Start Menu abreast. Can somebody verify this?

    • It is nothing to worry about, metro UI and apps will still work beautifully, only you can’t use the Snap app windows little feature (placing two active metro apps’ next to each other on the screen), but that’s no biggie as you can easily switch between them

  48. on the win 7 desktop you click on the speaker icon and you have the choice of redirecting the music to different speakers …in win8 you only can change sound level .
    Is there a way to get the win7 solution on win 8

  49. 15 or 20 sec will not kill me im sticking with 7 if its not a problem don’t fix it -simple as that folks windows 7 i have had no problems what so ever compared to the other operating systems if its not broke leave it along.

  50. Is windows 8 going to be on 1024×800

  51. Windows 8 is designed to fit 720p (the 768px revision)

  52. hello Please can’t burn pics in a normal CD Rom W8 not recognize the CD can You help me ?

  53. leonard tunstad / February 13, 2013 at 9:46 pm /Reply

    my acer 5750-6494 now has windows 8. using the ‘pictures’ window, I am able to take photos using the web-cam, but unable to upload to my facebook picture profile. only the ‘crop’ and ‘delete’ functions are displayed…

  54. I upgraded to Windows 8 from Windows 7 and would like to go back to 7. Windows 8 is unstable, my wheel on the mouse won’t work half the time and the screen flickers when more than 1 window is open. Is there a cure for this and can Windows 8 be uninstalled ?

  55. just got windows 8 and understand there is a learning curve. Can you recommend a tutorial site that I can learn from?

  56. I am having network connection error in installing apps fro windows store…even when I have local area connection…and internet is working fastly in anywhere else like @web facebook,google,mail,all sites are working properly..

    in store also I’m able to go till option install but after clicking on it it starts showing pending then after sometimes starts downloading and stop at a instance before reaching @ the end

  57. How do install voice search in WIN 8.
    [email protected]

  58. How can one half ass almost program SUCK so bad

  59. I would like to use this to write by hand – though for the life of me I can’t figure out how to use a handwriting app and get it to work. The fella in the store said that it is included in the journal app, but I actually don’t have that , nor do I see it whenI search in this site. I am on an Ideapad.

  60. my internet access button disappeared from the desktop area, where is it, how do I get it back

  61. I wish to display the time and date at bottom right screen as before

  62. I was playing a game on Slingo and clicked on something (I do not know what) and my taskbar at the bottom disappeared. It is still on my desktop but not at the bottom when I am on the internet. Please tell me how to restore it where it will always be seen. Thank you,

  63. I purchased a printed hp3515 and I am trying to install the cd software into my windod8 system and the system is saying I should go online to install the software I have try severally time and is still saying the same thing?

  64. I have windows 8 pro updated to windows 8 .1 pro preview 9431. Now I am not able access the wireless properties or the metered connection option with the right click before I have this option? any clue or idea

  65. I have windows 8, my store and music not working and not available, now i`m not what to do?

  66. I have upgraded to Win 8.1 and my old games screen size have changed to a cropped format. How can I restore
    them to their regular size

  67. I pinned a picture on my photo tile now I would like it to go back to streaming photos how do I do that

  68. I have windows8 and my xbox music doesn’t apply because it needs update and unfortunately store doesn’t work in my region what should I do?

  69. how do I transfer Calendar creator data (.bcc) to win 8 calendar ?

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