The Microsoft Surface

Do you have questions about Surface Pro 2 or Surface Pro? Send them in here

I just finished asking for questions about Windows 8.1 and was reminded that we want questions about Surface and Surface 2 as well.

Now do you have questions about Surface Pro 2 or Surface Pro?

We’re trying to collate all the unanswered questions about the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 or Microsoft Surface 2 tablets that you all may have and put together a Q and A section for y’all.

So, do you have Questions about the new generation of Microsoft Surface tablets?

If you do, use the comments below to list your question and we’ll make sure that it gets answered in a timely manner.


Once again, it doesn’t matter how simple or silly your question may seem to you, there are probably other people wondering about the exact same thing so feel free to ask.

  • Bill Li

    will surface pro 2 ever get support for connected standby (instantgo)?

    • Onuora Amobi

      Added to the list. Thank you.

  • Paulo Aboim Pinto

    The keyboard that I already have from Surface 1 it’s compatible with new Surface

    • Onuora Amobi

      Is that a question?

    • Robert Trance

      It is compatible of course, i use the first gen. Touch Cover on the new Surface 2, when i need it…

  • Frederick

    Do the new surfaces have Kinect like gesture controls?

    • Onuora Amobi

      Built in? No with the exception of the cooking app that allows you to swipe to move from page to page. I think thats the only app that uses the camera to monitor your movements.

  • Steve S

    Regarding Surface 2, is it possible to enable the native inking capability of the Tegra processor, or are essential hardware components missing from the Surface 2 design? If it is possible to enable the capability solely with a S/W upgrade, is Microsoft considering this as a potential future upgrade?
    Regarding Surface Pro 2, why did Microsoft select the Marvell Wi-Fi H/W rather than the Intel H/W? Although Microsoft claims significantly better color accuracy for Pro 2 versus Pro (1), owner colorimeter measurements suggest that the color gamut range is almost the same. By what means did Microsoft improve Pro 2 color accuracy? Better screen H/W? Custom calibrated color profile (.cdm) for the screen. In a similar vein, pen tracking accuracy for Pro 2 is claimed to be better; how was this achieved? Can owners expect that either the color accuracy or the pen calibration will age (and drift out of alignment)?

  • valapsp

    I still can’t decide between the 4GB and the 8GB version. Opening 12 tabs in Chrome hogs 1.8Gb of RAM on my PC and there is another thing called future proofing but you know that $300 difference is definitely not worth it. (128GB SSD is more than enough for me since it has a micro sd slot too.)

  • Abraham Garcia

    how well handles adobe cs6 (photoshop), i heard about some driver issues on the first gen
    Does it handles some pc gaming at low res?

  • valapsp

    How well does the SP2 handle games? I kindly ask you to install some games like CoD, NFS MW, GTA IV and … .

  • valapsp

    how long does the battery in the sp2 take to be fully charged from 0?

    • Robert Trance

      Two and half hours on my Surface 2, from 6% too 100%

  • Steve S

    Slightly off topic, but what is Microsoft doing to improve its online retail sales operation (the “Store”) to reduce the number of preorders that were unilaterally cancelled (by Microsoft) this time around? My understanding is that there were over 4000 such cases.

  • Steve S

    For owners that plan to keep their Surface tablets for a few years, what is the current Microsoft policy regarding battery replacement? How will it be done, how long will it take, how much will it cost?

  • Steve S

    When, if ever, will the Microsoft store offer replacement or alternate (hard plastic, rubber tip, etc.) pen nibs for the Surface Pro pen?

  • Steve S

    Regarding Surface 2, does the existing USB-to-ethernet adapter work with the Surface 2 or not? Microsoft has apparently published conflicting information about this. Since the whole point of Win8 / Win 8.1 revolves around continuous connectivity, having a back-up connectivity mode seems like an important (perhaps essential) consideration.

    Speaking about connectivity in general, when will we see broadband options (LTE, etc.) for Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2?

  • Frank Jaglowitz

    Has anyone had a problem with the new Skype app on the Surface Pro 2 ?

    I have a Surface Pro 2 4GB/128 with Win 8,1. The Desktop Skype works fine and the Skype app on my Thinkpad running Win 8 works fine with my Microsoft account.

    The Skype app on my surface spins for a couple of minutes and then displays ” Ooops there was a problem please restart Skype. I called support and we uninstalled and re-installed the apps with no change.

    Their only other suggestion was to refresh the Surface which would mean that all the Desktop programs that I spent the last couple of day installing and configuring would be lost.

    Any other suggestions?

  • Ray C

    Heck, I wish we could bombard all these sites and developers that haven’t developed Windows and Windows Phones versions of all their apps. Also, it would be nice to send questions and suggestions direct to MS about features in their products.

  • Simon Belzil-Kakos

    anyone else have a yellow tint in the corners of your surface 2 screen?

  • Darren George

    Why did Microsoft mess up the preorders of the Surface Pro 2? I decided to buy the Sony Vaio Flip instead because of that.

  • Kenneth Romero

    Can SP 2 run FPS games play-ably? What about games like XCOM Enemy Unknow, Diablo III, Guild Wars 2? Not worried about required peripherals, (i can connect what I need) but I really want to know if these games look and play nice on Surface Pro 2.

  • John Harris Nizomi

    when you’ll sell this in indonesia

  • Anil Ambani

    When will you have Chrome , Firefox browser for windows 8.1?

  • Rachel

    I have lost touch screen capability with my surface pro 2. It wasn’t dropped or damaged in any way. Has anyone else had a similar issue and what did you do to fix it?