Do you think the Microsoft Surface Pro will meet expectations?

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet will be released this Saturday but they let a few super exclusive bloggers get a sneak peak at the device. did their research and compiled the Microsoft Surface Pro reviews from about 20 of the top publications here.

Based on all the reviews I have seen, it looks like it gets the job done but just barely.

What do you think – will Surface Pro meet expectations?

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  • Marco

    I think it will suck ass!

  • Austrian

    Looks good, BUT I am leaning on getting a Lenovo Helix. It does a lot more and costs more too. I compared the two but I like the extra battery (yes it makes it heavier) and an ethernet plug will not restrict me to just WIFI.

  • Chad Eklund

    I’m just going to skip this iteration of windows.

  • Ronald

    I think it will do great once people quit being afraid of windows 8 and get used to the new system. I have been working with windows 8, even though I have a PC without a touch screen, and I LOVE WINDOWS 8! I navigate around very quickly with it.