Acer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer J.T. Wang described the controls as “troublesome” during a speech at the Computex trade show in Taipei this week. “They’re really controlling the whole thing, the whole process,” Wang said according to the Bloomberg news agency.

Chip suppliers and PC makers “all feel it’s very troublesome,” he added. Wang would not identify the exact restrictions but Microsoft is understood to be creating a controlled experience similar to that of its Windows Phone range of devices.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer teased that the company is planning a unique approach to Windows 8 tablets. The software giant is working on a “unique contribution” to tablets according to Ballmer. “More news about that in the not-too-distant future,” he said during a speech last week.

Microsoft’s Windows chief, Steven Sinofsky, is expected to demonstrate the company’s efforts with Windows 8 this week. WinRumors exclusively detailed the company’s plans last week. Sinofsky is appearing at the All Things Digital D9 conference on Wednesday morning.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promised Windows 8 PCs, Tablets and Slates next year during a speech last week. Several Taiwan based PC manufacturers have reportedly complained that they have been excluded from early Windows 8 development programs.

The software giant has reportedly talked with Nvidia, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Intel and AMD to seek their participation in a special Integrated Development Program for Windows 8. Some companies have complained to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in Taiwan to seek government involvement.

Microsoft may introduce Windows 8 ARM based tablets ahead of a full desktop release according to reports.

This is interesting because the more control that Microsoft seeks to impose on software and hardware partners, it seems to validate the Apple strategy re: their products, in particular the Ipad.

Apple as you know is a very closed ecosystem and the tight control over their hardware and software has created world class software with less bugs than Windows software (in general).

The success of the Ipad and subsequent Ipad 2 only seems to validate the approach of very rigid vendor management from a Microsoft perspective.

Of course it will be fun to see how this impacts tablets etc…

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