Nokia has made a few iconic mobile phones, and the company was behind some of the most fabulous ringtones. Even the Lumia ringtones are eminently famous.

And Microsoft is now offering everyone a chance to download them.

The company has published all the latest Nokia ringtones on SoundCloud, thereby allowing everyone to download them free of charge. Android and iPhone users are going to love, one can imagine — these are some of the best ringtones ever.

All of these were created by the Nokia Design Team, which is now with Microsoft as part of the takeover deal that was completed earlier this year. And all of them can be found on the newest Lumia smartphones that are available on the market.

This is what the Nokia Design Team said in a short post:

“Our latest ringtone set introduced in Lumia 830 and 735. This is the variant for Europe and North America. The Cat ringtone is now Two Cats! 🙂 Stay tuned for the updated regional tones from Sounds of the World project!”

Who can say no to two cats?

Microsoft and Nokia have promised to release more ringtones in months to come, so make sure you grab these, and keep an eye out for more such goodies as new devices make their way to store shelves.

You can take a look at these ringtones here on SoundCloud.

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