The Modern UI app is ready and set to be submitted for approval later today.

The company had announced its plans on developing a dedicated app for Windows 8 back in October, but announced the news that the app should be available later this week.

TNW writes that the news was announced by Dropbox at the LeWeb 2012 conference, reiterating the company’s desire to develop dedicated applications for all major desktop and mobile operating systems.

Like most applications in the Windows Store, the new Dropbox app will make use of the Modern interface and support Windows RT, opening up the program for Surface RT users.

The app is said to provide one-tap (ha, anyone remember the good old days where people used to say one-click) access to user data stored in the cloud. Dropbox apps are widely available on a number of platforms and operating systems, from Windows to Android and iOS.

The company announced a milestone of 100 million registered users on November 12 this year.

Dropbox has been a tad late to the Windows 8 party, seeing its rival Box and Microsoft SkyDrive rounding up users on the new platform. The Box app has already been available for some time now while SkyDrive was integrated into Windows 8 and Windows RT from the word go.

Nevertheless, fans of the service should be hearing good news soon, if all goes well.

We will keep you updated as soon as the Dropbox app makes it way up top.

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  • Migrater

    What about Windows Phone 8 then Dropbox?!!

    • Fahad Ali

      Seems like the folks over at Dropbox believe in the “good things come to those who wait” policy. There is an unofficial Dropbox app available for Windows Phone (7.5 and 8) called BoxFiles, but rumor has it that it only supports image files.

      Regardless, it’s beyond late now for Dropbox on the Windows Phone platform. Do it fellas, start work on it right after the Windows 8 app.

  • siddharthbandhu


  • Jack Sparrow

    Come on, already! I like Dropbox more than Microsoft’s SkyDrive, which still has a lot of work to get there. Hopefully the design and interface of the app is as useful as it will be pleasant.

    A pirate can hope.