The launch of the Surface Pro 3 might have been the highlight of today’s event in New York, but perhaps just an important aspect was the absence of the Surface Mini.

Because there were sure voices that said that a smaller Surface tablet was ready for unveil.

Yes, it did not exactly show up in benchmarks, but an Amazon listing has about a case for the said tablet was sighted. And credible sources established (unofficially) that an 8-inch Surface slate that was very much being prepared as a note-taking device.

So what happened?

Well, according to this report, the Surface Mini did exist, but was mothballed by Microsoft at the very last minute. And the decision to put the tablet on the backburner reportedly came from higher ups.

CEO Satya Nadella and devices lead Stephen Elop decided against launching the Surface Mini.

And the reason?

A source speaking to Bloomberg claimed that this was due to the lack of differentiation between it and other small tablets like the Apple iPad Mini and the Nexus 7. Redmond figured that the device was not different enough, and might not be a hit.

That’s a lot of figuring, for something that was so highly anticipated.

Long story short, this decision came rather late, and actually caused the management to backtrack a lot for this event, including removal of a Qualcomm powered tablet, and launching Surface Pro 3 instead.

Considering just how much of a force smaller tablets are for competitors, maybe a Surface Mini might make an appearance at a later date.

Back to School season, perhaps?

One can hope.

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  1. Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod / May 20, 2014 at 3:46 pm /Reply

    Microsoft should have announced a Surface Mini and Touch Office for Windows

  2. Sounds like surface mini was just a smokescreen by microsoft to cover up the surprising news of surfacepro3. If so, nice move by them. By the way, nice title! 😛

  3. I heard they tried to get people to think there was a surface mini being announced to conceal the surface pro 3.

  4. The idea of trying to hide the new Surface Pro makes no sense. Everyone knew a bigger one was coming.

  5. Misterbear Fapp / May 20, 2014 at 11:34 pm /Reply

    I guess the Lenovo Thinkpad 8 will be my mini tablet after all.

  6. Damian Vansen / May 21, 2014 at 9:10 am /Reply

    If the surface mini comes out, will it be 7 inch or 8 inch? Seems that the 8 inch form is now winning the war with the ipad mini and nexus 7 apparently been replaced with nexus 8. Could a switch from 7 to 8 inch be a factor in the delay coz of redesign

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