Earlier this week, we reported that Tweetro for Windows 8/RT was basically busted. The problem wasn’t anything that was directly the fault of the app. Instead, without an official Twitter client for Windows 8, Tweetro had become massively popular. So popular, it exceeded a 100,000 user token cap within the Twitter API.

The idea is that Twitter has the limit in place to prevent a 3rd party Twitter app from getting too big, somewhat ironic considered how early 3rd party clients helped Twitter become as popular as it is now. The big question we asked was what the limit meant for the future of Tweetro. We have our answer– the app has been pulled from the Windows Store.

The pull was conducted by the team behind Tweetro, and hopefully is temporary. The team says they are attempting to reach an arrangement with Twitter and are removing the app until such an agreement is made. If they can’t work something out? It is possible the app will return with a paid option that will allow Tweetro to keep the amount of users down to a minimum.

How long before we get an official Twitter app? We know that something is in the works, but all we know for sure is that it will arrive in “the months to come”. As for other third party Twitter apps? Sure, they are out there for Windows 8/RT. The problem is that if they get filled up with more users, the same fate awaits them.

Did you previously use Tweetro? Now that the option is gone, what alternative app will you turn to?

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  1. dont know. Twitter is not launching its own app and not allowing 3rd parties to go beyond so called boundaries.This might be a chance for a new comer to enter into the market I guess. Whatever, I am looking for a good alternative.

  2. Too much disappointing. I am sure the official twitter app will not be better than tweetro.

  3. See, how popular is windows 8

  4. I noticed that it is no longer in the market, however it is still installed on my Surface RT and working fine. My guess is that when it stopped working enough people uninstalled to bring them down below the cap. So I will continue to use Tweetro until a better app comes out or it completely stops working.

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