Two new high-profile Windows Phone apps have just launched, and both can be considered major releases. Duolingo and Wolfram Alpha now have official solutions on the Windows Phone Store.

Should help close the app gap, even by a little.

The platform boasts a slew of apps, and even when official versions are unavailable, there are some third-party unofficial ones that are on offer. But nothing beats a genuine release, and Windows Phone fans have a bit of a reason to rejoice as they get a double delight.

A quick rundown of both solutions.

Windows Phone Apps Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is perhaps the most popular computational engine that is capable of delivering results on a huge variety of topics. Ask it any question, science, or mathematics, in the right format, and it will provide you with answers.

This app is available on the Windows Phone Store for $2.99.

Windows Phone Apps Duolingo

If you want to move away from physics and try your hands at languages, then the official Duolingo application is the one you need. It helps you learn another language, and the app works in collaboration with the website.

Duolingo is a popular solution, used by more than 50 million users, and often tops the charts on both the Android and iOS platforms. Now Windows Phone users can check it out too.

It is available on the Windows Phone Store, as a free download.

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