Dutch Government Plans To Purchase Extended Windows XP Support

Holland. More than 40,000 government PCs still running Windows XP. Retirement date fast approaching. Local authorities planning to make the move to pay for extended support.

The above page might read like the introduction to a thrilling World War II novel, but local authorities in the country are left with no choice but to purchase extended Windows XP support, as government and public service offices are still powered by the aging platform.

According to a report by a Dutch publication, the government has already started the transition to a newer operating system, but like most of the user base, they left it far too late.

The process is only expected to be complete by January now, according to official estimates, so paying Microsoft for extended Windows XP support is the only way right now.

According to Vera Hoogendoorn, a government spokeswoman:

“Talks are underway with Microsoft and it depends how those talks proceed. The costs will depend on how quickly the migration proceeds. Migration to Windows 7 or 8 has the highest priority.”

Microsoft surely would not mind this one bit — the best of both worlds, really. Offer paid support now, as organizations and entities upgrade to newer versions of Windows. Profits all around!

The 13-year-old operating system still has almost 30 percent of the market cornered at this moment.

  • Sally Black

    That last statistic is impressive! XP still has 30% of the market, so this is obviously a good thing as you stated. Provide the security while people update to their other systems.

  • Ted Smith

    I would hope that a Government is able to get security on their systems! I do think it’s time to upgrade systems for them either way though.

  • Jason Claven

    Is there XP support or isn’t there? Lol. I get that there’s special cases of people who will need it and this is a win for Microsoft, but this is contradictory of everything they’ve been saying recently. Again, not blaming, just find it interesting.

  • Ray C

    I think they should give a support discount to anyone who is actually in the process of making a transition or has already purchased licenses.

    • Jake

      I agree! Or give it to them free of charge for continuing business with them, but I doubt that’ll happen.