eBook – Windows 8 Head Start

Ed Bott is a very respected journalist and tech reporter.

It’s priced at $9.95 (Downloadable EPUB+PDF)

Windows 8 won’t be available to the general public until sometime in 2012 but you can get a headstart and begin to look at it now.

Whether you’re a software developer, IT professional or simply a Windows enthusiast eager to get your hands on Windows 8, Ed Bott’s Windows 8 Head Start will get you up to speed in record time.

Ed Bott has spent months meticulously examining the Windows 8 Developer Preview, testing features and carefully documenting how they’ll change the way you work with Windows 8 when it’s released.

His book—the first full-length pre-release book on Windows 8 is a thoroughly tested, carefully edited, and professionally produced guide written especially for early adopters.

Ed Bott’s Windows 8 Head Start tells you how to download, install, and configure the free Windows Developer Preview.

Some of the features of the book:

  • Check your system requirements and then learn how to install Windows 8 the right way—as a clean install or as an upgrade that preserves data files and settings.
  • Get full details on how to set up a dual-boot configuration so you can use Windows 7 and Windows 8 on the same PC.
  • Learn how to work with Windows 8’s new Start and search screens.
  • Master touchscreens and learn what to look for in the 28 sample Metro style apps included with the Windows Developer Preview.
  • Get an in-depth look at features aimed at experts and power users, including the new Task Manager, Hyper-V virtualization, and running a slick multi-monitor capabilities.
  • Learn how a radical redesign of Internet Explorer will change the way you interact with the web.