Wonder what it will take? Google Chrome continues to reign supreme as the number own web browser on the desktop market, with Microsoft Edge having plenty of trouble inching closer.

What makes this even more interesting is that despite holding a record market share, Chrome even managed to go higher last month.

NetMarketShare Browsers July 2019

These numbers have been provided by NetMarketShare, confirming that Google Chrome is the top choice for PC users with a market share of 68.60%. And this is up from the 66.29% it recorded the previous months.

Mozilla Firefox held its runner-up position in the browser wars, but its slice of the pie was actually cut down from 8.86% to 8.34%.

Microsoft Edge is not far behind, though, it also saw a decline.

NetMarketShare Browsers July 2019

The fledgling solution currently commands a 5.80% share of the market, which is a drop from the 6.03% that it had to its name the previous month. But this data only covers the built-in Windows 10 browser, not the Chromium powered version of Edge that Microsoft is currently developing.

That one is the real deal, and will have a say in what kind of success Microsoft Edge manages to carve out for itself in the coming years.

Edge proper, definitely does not stand a chance in the race against Google Chrome, this much is clear.

But this new flavor of Edge with the Chromium engine is being built up as a fully featured alternative to Google Chrome, and will not only be offered to Windows 10 users, but also those running older versions of the OS like Windows 7 and 8.

macOS will also see action, and Linux users probably will not be left behind either.

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