Chinese electronics giant TCL is going places. The company has reportedly put HTC on its shopping list, and this is a story that is sure to make HTC fans stop and take notice.

TCL may not be a household name, but the company has already successful made one major mobile acquisition. It acquired Alcatel back in 2011, and turned the fortunes around for that company. After years of losses, Alcatel soon returned to profitability under the TCL umbrella.

As this report reveals, TCL chairman Li Dongsheng said in a short statement on the Chinese social network Weibo that he wishes both companies could join forces to better compete with Apple.

Better compete with Apple? Yeah, right.

Here is the original statement, just for the record.

There is word now word that even if it is not a full acquisition, a partial takeover is a possibility. TCL is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturer in the world, along with being the third largest television produced on the globe.

Although still in the earliest of stages, a deal like this could have an effect on the Windows Phone ecosystem too. Both Alcatel and HTC are currently Windows Phone partners, the former having just joined the party very recently.

Still, matters like this take a long while to materialize, and we don’t even have any indication whether the Taiwanese maker of smartphones is interested in this preposition in the first place.

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