There is a ton of paperwork and other vital information when it comes to planes. The manuals are thick and hard to navigate. The solution? For American Airlines and a few others, it was all about replacing the paperwork with the iPad.

This is an interesting enough approach, but what could make it cooler? Windows 8, of course.

Emirates Airline is one of the largest carriers in the world and is now planning a similar tablet-based future. Instead of using the iPad though, this airline will instead use Windows-based tablets to get the job done.

The plan is to bring a thousand devices to its cabin crew, all of which will run an in-house app called Knowledge Driven Inflight Service. Interestingly enough, this move isn’t so much about paperwork, its about continuing the exceptional customer service that the airline as known for.

The new KIS app will help flight attendants provide great customer service and is billed an immersive crew and customer management solution. This allows crew to find information that will allow an individualized care experience for all of its tenants, including food, wine, seating preference information and more.

Is there a specific Windows 8 tablet that will be favored by Emirates Airline? Yes, but it isn’t the Surface RT, as some might have guessed. Instead, they are going with the HP ElitePad 900, running Windows 8 Enterprise.
The rollout will happen in phases, with 100 devices in use by January.

By the end of next year, all of its flights will be managed by a crew using the ElitePad 900 and KIS.

Windows 8 might represent a dramatic change from the known, but moves like this make it clear that not all companies are afraid to dive into the new Windows 8 experience.

What do you think of this announcement?

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