Employees Still Happy With Satya Nadella, Despite Job Cuts

Employees Still Happy With Satya Nadella, Despite Job Cuts

Well, a privileged position to be in, right? Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella shocked the world when he announced a few weeks back that a total of 18,000 people would be sent home.

These are, easily, the biggest ever layoffs at the software titan.

But despite this, it is business as usual at the company, and the employees still think highly of their new CEO, dramatic job cuts and all. Many, in fact, believe that the technology giant is heading in the right direction, thanks to the new guy at the top who replaced Steve Ballmer back in February.

This recent report cites sources within the company who reveal that the July announcement regarding the layoffs did cause a fair few shocks — but most employees understood the need to fire off so many workers at once.

Even if a lot of them are from the key company divisions, including Windows.

Obviously, this is just culture we are talking about here, the real impact of these layoffs, and the overall grand strategy will only be evident in the next few quarters.

Then again, according to Glassdoor.com, Satya Nadella currently has a CEO approval rating of 86%, while Steve Ballmer rarely went over 50% during his time at the top.

  • Sally Black

    That’s because when people know a leader has a plan and is passionate about implementing and executing said plan, they’re a lot more likely to believe in the leader. Case in point here!

  • Steve Fulton

    It’s still early, but 86% is a very strong number. Great work so far from Nadella garnering support, but now he needs to follow through on his ideas and plans. The next few years will be telling.

  • Ray C

    Well, he’s still in the honey mood phase, and he’s getting a lot of good press and feel good pieces right now. Hopefully he makes the right decisions over the next couple years