Engadget do a video review the Microsoft Surface

Engadget Surface Review

Engadget Surface Review

We already saw the Verge do a video review so I thought I would post a review from Engadget as well.

Dana Wollman does a pretty good job of running through the features of the Microsoft Surface RT tablet and takes more of her time to do it thoroghly.

She shows the RT desktop and it’s VERY balanced.

The video below..

  • Bruce

    Anuora, when are you gonna do a hands on review?, can’t wait for your review, hopefully it will be balanced as well. I know you don’t like MS that much. I don’t expect it to topple the Ipad, not with this version at least but for a first Gen of tab device for MS it doesn’t sound as bad as though it would be.

    • http://www.windows8update.com/ Onuora Amobi

      Yeah I plan to go get one on Friday.

      I’ll do one soon after…

      • Bolo

        Hopefully a side by side video comparison with the Ipad soon as well.

        • http://www.windows8update.com/ Onuora Amobi

          Old or new iPad? I have the iPad 3

          • Rex

            iPad4 would even be better 🙂

            iPad 3 is probably about its closest competition so that is what I would like to see. I hope your video gets the coverage it deserves.

          • 1stkorean

            who cares about the ipad, review the surface and let it stand on its own merits.